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ReachYou is perfect for both students and businesses. We will connect highly motivated and creative individuals to help promote your business while also providing students with volunteer hours for their efforts.

ReachYou also works with local businesses and etc for providing internships, volunteer work, and a real-life experience to students. This is highly beneficial for business students but also for any students hoping to get more volunteer hours. It will definitely bring satisfaction of doing good for the community and it is advantageous for future business-related careers.

Businesses will be able to promote their products and service by utilizing free help from students regarding product photography, marketing, and media management amongst others. 

"A Win-Win Situation"


Do you want free help promoting, managing, marketing your business?

ReachYou will connect student volunteers with your business to help with whatever you may need assistance with, including marketing tactic like special promotions and deals to attract customers. This support and assistance is free and very helpful to businesses that would like to expand their reach and business, especially after being hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The pandemic has affected millions of small businesses across the US and we know that these small businesses deserve the best. Therefore, ReachYou is adamant about its goal of helping small businesses succeed and will support them by connecting creative and innovative volunteers. 

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Do you want lots of volunteer hours or real-life experience in business? Does your school require volunteer hours to graduate? Struggling to find business and marketing related internships and volunteer opportunities?

ReachYou will connect student volunteers with businesses to help them with whatever them may need assistance with. This an unpaid volunteer service but further details can be negotiated accordingly with the business owners. Services will include marketing, product photography, website design, business management, digital skills, and etc. Not only will your volunteer service benefit these small businesses but it will also give you real-life experience with businesses. 

The pandemic has affected millions of students and small businesses across the US. Finding online volunteer opportunities is difficult but ReachYou is devoted to helping you receive volunteer hours while also helping businesses. Time commitment for these volunteer opportunities varies but through our 1-for-1 event, you get 1 hour for reposting/sharing specific promotion.

If you are interested, please sign up!

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